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Welcome to the home of Balanced American Music, a record label created by Randy and Marianne Sutin as the home for "Meditations for Percussion and Flute", which is the beginning of our musical quest.   You can read about the compositions by clicking here for the CD website , or hear samples and even purchase a CD online if you would like at CDBaby.com.

In the months and years to come we will add to this experiment of creating a new musical style by continuing our adventure of blending the various musical and spiritual traditions we come in contact with in our lives.   We have chosen meditation as our first subject matter, but our future recordings will deal with the many other aspects of life. 

Our goal is to provide music for balanced living.

Thank you for your support.


Randy and Marianne


Background music, "DaGruuv V.3", Copyright, Randall Sutin, 2007
All rights reserved.  Unauthorized duplication or distribution
is a violation of applicable laws.


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